Motorcycle, ATV, and Golf Cart Insurance
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What is Motorcycle, ATV, and Golf Cart Insurance?

Motorcycle Insurance is financial protection in the event of damage to property or injury to a person where your motorcycle or ATV is involved. This type of insurance helps in paying for damage repairs, replacement, medical bills, and legal fees if needed in the event of a loss involving your motorcycle or ATV.

What other types of insurance fall under Motorcycle Insurance?

Other types of “toy” vehicles can be included in Motorcycle insurance, such as:

  • ATV Insurance
  •   Golf Cart Insurance
  •   Dirt Bike Insurance
  •   And more!

Don’t see your type of vehicle above? Ask us if your toy vehicle qualifies for a motorcycle policy!

What to consider when looking into Motorcycle Insurance:

  • Property damage from an accident can be expensive to repair or replace. Having Motorcycle Insurance can help with costs of fixing property damage to your vehicle if a loss were to occur.
  • Medical expenses caused by accidents can be very high. Having this coverage on your motorcycle, ATV or other toy vehicle can help with paying for these expenses. If your recreational vehicle is responsible for damage or injury to someone else’s property or person, you may be held responsible financially.
  • Having liability coverage on your motorcycle, ATV, Golf Cart, or Dirt Bike gives you protection from having to pay those costs by yourself should an accident occur.
  •   Coverages to consider:

o   Comprehensive/Collision – covers the property damage on your motorcycle/ATV.

o   Liability – covers your responsibility to others property or persons.

o   Safety Apparel – covers helmets, goggles, or leather riding gear.

o   Uninsured Motorist – provides coverage for the insured in the case of a loss due to a motorist without insurance coverage.

Tips for the Cost-Conscious Rider:

Are you looking to save some money on your Motorcycle/ATV Insurance? Here are some ideas of ways to get some discounts!

  • Completing training courses, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Rider course can make you eligible for a discount with most insurance companies. There may be other courses that qualify to fill this requirement, so ask your insurance agent about this course and other opportunities they know are available.

o   These courses are also a good idea for cyclists with prior accidents.

  • Maintaining a good driving record, just like with auto insurance, is a great way to help keep premium amounts down.
  • There are several factors related to the actual vehicle itself that could contribute to saving money. These are most generally the type, style, age, number of miles driven, and where the vehicle is stored.
  • Other options for saving could include multi-bike discount, organization discounts, mature rider discounts or having a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license.

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